Telegram now has Telegram Stars, a new currency for services in Mini Apps.

Experience seamless transactions and support your favorite mini-apps with Telegram Stars, the new in-app currency that boosts Telegram's ecosystem and rewards developers.

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Telegram has launched a new payment system called “Stars” to boost its ecosystem. Available on both iOS and Android, Telegram Stars let users make purchases within mini-apps, creating a robust internal economy while following Apple and Google’s guidelines. Users can also convert their Stars to TON, the native token of The Open Network, through the Fragment exchange.

In April, at the Token 2049 conference in Dubai, Telegram announced a partnership with Tether (USDT), aiming to make Telegram a top choice for business transactions. Soon, Telegram will launch in-app purchases for digital goods and services, with 70% of revenue going directly to developers.

With Telegram Stars, we’re creating a vibrant internal economy that benefits both users and developers. Make purchases within mini-apps, convert Stars to TON, and enjoy a platform designed for growth and innovation.

Pavel Durov, CEO of Telegram

Telegram is changing the game with in-app purchases. Unlike the usual 30% commission from Apple and Google, Telegram plans to subsidize ads bought with Telegram Stars, potentially lowering fees for developers. CEO Pavel Durov mentioned that developers who reinvest Stars in app promotion could see their commission fees drop to zero, making Telegram a competitive platform for developers. Mini App creators can convert Telegram Stars to Toncoin through Fragment.

Telegram’s Bot Platform now includes in-app purchases for digital goods and services, expanding the ecosystem for its 400 million monthly users. Users can buy Telegram Stars directly in the app on iOS, Android, or Telegram itself, creating new revenue opportunities for bot and mini-app developers. These Stars can be used for various digital products and in-game items, enhancing the user experience.

One example is Notcoin, a “tap-to-earn” app that gained 35 million users in five months by letting users earn NOT tokens through social challenges. About 36 hours ago, TON hit a new high of $7.65, though it has since settled at $7.55. Its $18.2 billion market cap remains below its $25.2 billion peak from April 12.

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